Mission and Vision

School’s Vision Statement

Our vision at Andrea Castillo Preparatory Academy is to provide a learning environment where our students will:


School’s Mission Statement

Our mission at Andrea Castillo Preparatory Academy is to create an engaging and nurturing environment for all stakeholders that fosters the intellectual and emotional growth of the individual child through quality instruction and meaningful collaboration as they prepare to become a global citizen.


Growing up Andrea’s dream was to become a teacher like her grandmother. Even as a little girl, she would set up her bedroom with a chalkboard and sit her little brother Kevin as her star pupil.
As she progressed through her high school years, Andrea always found part time jobs where she was able to bring a smile to kids. Whether it was working at IQZone helping them select the write products for their science fair project or working at Miami International Mall Simon’s Kids, where she coordinated children’s programs. During her senior year attending Doral Ronald Reagan Senior High she felt it was important to experience real life classroom time so she interned at John I Smith Elementary.
Along with her love of running, ballet and high intensity exercising Andrea was truly enjoyed physical activities. She would somehow balance her busy college classes, part time work schedule to include daily workouts.
As she studied at Miami Dade College, she continued to work part time in the field of Education Somehow Andrea also found time to babysit. Those children she spent time with were very precious to her. Andrea often shared stories of the closeness she developed with them and the trust they felt in her where they opened up to her.
Her part-time work also included as an After- School leader at Renaissance Charter School and later went to work at Doral Academy Senior High where she not only worked at the front office, but also was able to facilitate student on line classes. Her love of teaching, interacting with people, passion for children and the elderly was truly inspiring. She was best described as a person who truly loved people, life and lived every moment to enjoy it.